Monday, July 8, 2013

Skate in the City

It was hugely exciting to watch the professional ice skaters doing 'Wizard on Ice' on a perfect winter day. Jack was confident and instantly took off. William was very protective of his penguin and enjoyed pushing it around. He was mindful of the 80 or so other people skating around him and only occasionally bumped into someone. 

It was great to have Alex, Chris, Eliza, Beth, Grace and Sam there too. We had a well deserved Hogs Breath lunch after an hour of skating. 

 We took the opportunity to go on the merry go round before heading to the car. Both Jack and Will coincidentally picked an elephant on opposite sides to each other.

Sam came for a sleep over and the boys squeezed their beds into Jack's room. Funnily, William was the most excited of all and stayed up over an hour later than the older boys.

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