Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Snow Report

There was 15cms of snow on Selwyn and patchy rain. It made for an interesting drive through the fog. The boys had been excited to see the snow since 7am so as soon as they were able to get out of the car they fled down the toboggan run. Jack had no fear and got some good speed. William was very independent and didn't want to share his snow ring. 

After an hour of running up and down the hill William said, 'me loosing power.' He had the best seat by far.

 We dined at the Snow Goose Hotel and had a perfectly positioned table, close to the fire and within sight of the arcade games and toys.

The boys were very excited to sleep in the snow cabin and took some time to stop their giggling before they fell asleep.

On the second day we went to explore Perisher and found the roads far less windy. The weather had cleared beautifully and there was little wind. The toboggan run was a lot of fun and we ran up and down the hill until the boys had damp socks and were completely worn out. 

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