Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sunshine after the rain

 Poor Jackie has the worst sort of flu. High fevers, aches, exhaustion, asthma, nausea and a sore throat. He has been in bed for 4 days and only been out to pick William up from Preschool or visit the doctor.

He really pushed himself to walk down to the preschool when he was feeling miserable and I saw a glimmer of hope as it had rained all day and stopped in time for us to get William and walk him to the car. He went straight back to sleep in the car and left William and I to entertain ourselves all afternoon. So we did a selfy and a painting or two.  

After another night with asthma attacks and fever we went back to the doctor who put Jack on more bed rest. William went to the playschool concert with Jules and Sam. 

When he got home he took care of Jackie, bought him juice and took his temperature. He made some cupcakes which Jack thought was great but he was still to sick to eat one. It has rained and hailed today so with any luck the sunshine will be out tomorrow and Jack will be a bit better again.

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