Monday, December 29, 2014

Broadwater Park and Movie World

William and I met Sam's cousins at Broadwater Park which is opposite Australia Fair shopping Centre. There is a fantastic little water park right next to a cafe and a beautiful little beach area for swimming. There was some heavy rain in the morning which turned into drizzle but we took our umbrellas and by the time we got there it was all clear and beautiful. What luck!

It rained and it poured on the morning we had passes organised for Movie World but we donned some sexy ponchos and got on with the day. The 4D movie was a big highlight. When characters onscreen dived into the ocean the chairs sprayed up with water and it was a great surprise.

The car show was a big hit with the boys and Jack plucked up some courage to go on the Scooby Doo ride. The wait for the Scooby ride was INCREDIBLE (1hour) and at least 1000 people in the line.

The driving school and kids rides had no longer than a 10 minute wait. William was really excited about the Road Runner Roller Coaster and both boys loved the parade at the end. Batman looked William in the eye and gave him a nod and he was absolutely amazed.

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