Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

It was an absolutely beautiful day on the Gold Coast for Christmas. The boys didn't wake until 7 but they William woke up at 4am and had some trouble getting back to sleep. 

All Jack wanted for Christmas was this Snow Leopard so he was very happy when he opened it. He still loves his stuffed animals.

Will loves Bob Graham so he was really surprised when he opened up the hard cover 'Silver Buttons' story.

Stu was happy with his collector's edition of Eve and I have a gift voucher for some family portraits.

All William wanted for Christmas was '5 golden rings.' He was so, so excited when he opened these. 

The remote control cars were very fast and very dangerous! 

Claire and Vin welcomed us into their home like we were family. Stu helped to cook up a feast while the kids played in the pool. What a brilliant day!

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