Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gingerbread Houses and Uncle Ice Cream

Meet Uncle Ice Cream. He/she is 2 weeks old and came home from Jack's school through a hatching chicks program. 

She/he went on a visit to preschool and cheeps very loudly when left alone. It wasn't long before Uncle Ice cream outgrew this tiny cage.

So the boys got out the hammer and nails. Then they painted this playpen which is so much easier to keep clean and Uncle Ice cream is so much happier. 

On Saturday it rained and it poured so we caught up on a few things inside. The boys made their ginger bread houses and Jack made his all by himself.

The big chickens enjoyed the worms coming up in the rain. They love to wander around the front yard and free range with the view of the golf course.

There were puzzles to be done and presents to wrap. It's such a busy time of year! 

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