Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 months today

What a scally wag!

At 10 months William has 6 teeth. He has taken a step here or there on his own and he can stand by himself for up to a minute. He is into EVERYTHING and he is opening drawers and cupboards whenever he can. He is eating family meals and drinks his goats milk bottle 3 times a day. Being a stubborn and bossy baby he refuses to eat from a spoon and only feeds himself. We put a bucket bib on and newspaper under his chair for dinner and he eats lunch outside but we still manage to find rice and corn in the strangest places. Finally he is sleeping through the night and having 2x1.5 hour naps everyday.

He had his first course of antibiotics this week after his 3rd throat infection this year. He also woke up with a bloody nose and a fever one morning which really stressed us out but he is back to his funny ol' self today.

He laughs and laughs at Jack and gives cheesy smiles when the camera is out. He is bossy about getting what he wants and if Jack has something he WANTS IT TOO! Just this week he has his first tantrum when he was told 'no phone' he burst into tears and screamed and cried.

He is starting to talk and can clearly say, 'Jack, Dad, Nanna, No and Mama.' He is sometimes saying 'What's this?' 'Fish,' 'Puss,' and 'Yes' a couple of days ago he said 'wipes!' He can wave goodbye, clap hands and dance to music. He can shake his head for no or nod for yes. He is growing so fast and understanding so much! I don't miss him being so small, at this age he is a lot of fun!

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