Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Garden

Jack spent all afternoon digging out this plot for the potatoes that Nan gave him to plant.

William planted the rosemary inbetween the two seed potatos for seasoning. They also have corn, carrots, purple cabbage, beetroot, celery leaf, peas, beans, artichoke, tomatoes and chilies! Most of them were grown from seeds.

The Dams in Canberra are almost at 80% and the water restrictions have been lifted for hose use at any time. The rain has been beautiful this week and we have had the most awesome thunder storms and sun showers. It's amazing to see the lawn greener than it's ever been. The trees have all grown over a foot in the last month and Stu's beloved Kangaroo Paw are nearly touching the top of the fence with their beautiful flowers!

My mint has taken off. Enough mint to have mojitos all summer!

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