Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Xmas List

Jack has started to notice the Christmas decorations in the shops and Santa occasionally making an appearance on tv and he is starting to make his list known. So with that in mind we shall make it public just in case Santa reads his blog.

1. Telescope
2. Lego
3. Size 4 T shirts
4. Name stickers from Stuck on you
5. Suit case for holiday
6. Racing Car rug for bedroom
7. Racing Car canvas for bedroom
8. Matchbox cars
9. Hard cover books

1. Baby Board Books
2. Zhu Zhu pets
3. Size 1 outfits for summer
4. Bag for Daycare
5. Lunch Box
6. Hat
7. Suitcase for holiday
8. Xmas Train set for under tree

1. Memory Foam pillow
2. Queen Size sheets
3. King size quilt - feather down
4. King Size quilt covers
5. Tea Towels
6. Glass mixing bowls
7. TEA POT from Adore Tea!
8. Luggage for summer holiday
9. Electric toothbrush

1. 3X T Shirts
2. Size 12/13 shoes for work
3. Cook books
4. Steak Knives
5. Sharp Knives
6. Silicone Ovens Mitts
7. Shelves for GARAGE!

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