Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the move

William has just realised that he can take a couple of steps and stand without holding anything.

He was also refusing to drink out of his baby sip cup so when we gave him one just like Jack's cup he was happy again and stopped yelling at Jack.

He took 3 steps just the other day which was very exciting. I will make sure to have the video camera on him for the next month or so to capture some more wobbly steps. I love the video of Jack's first steps on Christmas day, so special and cute.

Jack has taught him how to 'drive' the cars around the house and it's their favorite game. They have been playing in the sandpit every afternoon since it has been warm. Every single time I have to take their clothes off, shake them and then rinse William in the sink before I let them in. It's the only way I can keep the sand out of the house!

Stu says, 'What do you expect - they are REAL boys!'

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