Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10 things my mother taught me about motherhood

1. Most importantly she taught me how to swaddle a baby and rock/pat the baby to sleep. Mind you she only did this 3 days after my first baby was born and it had been almost 3 DAYS without sleep!

2. She taught me the importance of family dinners and holiday traditions.

3. She taught me how to make the most delicious and moist cupcakes with a dollop of cream and butterfly wings.

4. On marriage she taught me how to be a good wife. Firstly to be good friends and then the rest will follow. Oh and let him buy a really big 4WD.

5. The importance of siblings. When it came to taking on kids who called my brother names or teased my little sister, we always looked out for each other. And when I really, really didn't want to be my sister's bridesmaid. She made me do it. "Fine, forget it. You'll regret it if you aren't there for your sister" and she was right. All the dress fittings and high heal shoes at 6 months pregnant were totally worth it.

6. Which leads to using her 'mother power' to influence our decisions which I am starting to use on Jack. It's a fine mix of reverse psychology, silent treatment and a touch of guilt. If things get really serious you could add a tear. 'If you are silly at the shops Mum will be very, VERY upset.' It works a treat! Somehow it still seems to work on me. See no. 5.

7. If the floors are mopped the whole house feels so much cleaner.

8. How to let go. They aren't in bed by 7.30pm and you let them eat jelly for dessert 2 nights in a row. Give up on perfection, at least the floors were mopped.

9. On feeding a family on a budget. Buy your meat on special. Eat left overs and once a week do a 'pick ups' dinner of eggs on toast.

10: She taught me that you are never, ever too old to hug your mummy.

This post was inspired by AlphaMom. What did your mum teach you about motherhood?

With thanks to my MUM!

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