Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We found the strangest thing in our backyard just the other day...

There were over 7000 bees that had decided to make a home in a patch of clover. The scary bit was that just a few days before that, Molly, Oscar and Jack had run out into the backyard on their own while I was still making a bottle for William and a cuppa for Rach after her 4 hour drive. Too many, "what ifs?"

But the bee man came promptly and used a gentle broom to sweep them into a shoe box. After a few were in there the rest ran into the box too. Some 500 odd bees wanted to stay despite the rain and windy weather so he came back again and got them all this time.

After only 24 hours in the box they had already started to make it their home and they built a honey comb. They will have made 60kgs of hunny by February in their new hive in Kaleen. Jack thought they were the most interesting visitors.

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