Friday, October 8, 2010

Sleepy Bub

It took 6 weeks and 5 different types of bottles but eventually William drank from a bottle at 7 months old. Finally I could get a hair cut or even see a movie without having to rush back and find Daddy pulling his hair out. Rejoice! Now at almost 9 months William has decided he LOVES the bottle and he has almost fully weaned himself from breast feeding. This was not the plan but William doesn't care much for plans. He has his OWN plans!

Like sleep for example. For the last couple of weeks William hasn't been tired enough to go to bed before 10pm and very quickly that became 11pm and when it got to MIDNIGHT we knew we had to cut down to only 2 sleeps during the day. But as you can see by the pictures it has been difficult to keep him awake at times.

He STILL isn't sleeping through the night and since his teeth started to cause problems he has been demanding a bottle at night. I. said. DEMANDING! So until 7 months he had 2 feeds a night and now at 8 months he is finally having one feed at night. But mummy CRAVES sleeping through the night. One more month or maybe two? Lets put bets down.

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